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Beta Alanine Powder · 100% Pure - 250 g

BETA-ALANINE 100% PURE Flavor: Neutral

SANTA MADRE Beta-Alanine is a supplement aimed at increasing performance in high-intensity sports. Its practical powder format facilitates scientifically recommended taking.

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Buying beta alanine and consuming it as a supplement in your exercise routine, will help you to have an increase in your athletic performance to do high intensity work.

Beta alanine is a type of amino acid whose main function is to increase carnosine deposits, which is a dipeptide of the amino acids beta alanine and histidine, at the intramuscular level.

If you are training at high intensity, whatever your sport, or compete in high intensity disciplines, you have surely felt that sensation of muscle congestion caused by the decrease of carnosine while lactate accumulation occurs.

When you reach a certain level of lactate accumulation, it will cause the pH to decrease, so that your body will be in a more acidic state; this is the type of acidity that causes a burning sensation in the muscles you are working while exercising, causing the energy bridges to shut down.

By purchasing beta alanine and adding it to your eating routine, you will cause this amino acid to function as a type of buffer to reduce muscle acidity to improve your athletic performance.

Learn about some of the benefits of beta alanine:

When you make the decision to buy beta alanine and start taking it, you are going to find different benefits that will bring in your athletic goal, know some of them in this post.

  • By consuming beta alanine you will see results that will help you maintain an effort of a certain intensity that will allow you to prolong your exercise for longer.
  • Buying beta alanine will help you to cause a delay in fatigue while training.
  • It helps you concretely optimize your recovery from what you did in your workout.
  • You will increase your athletic performance.
  • Beta alanine is linked to the increase of cortical testosterone, which helps hyperactivity, as an effect of acute pre-workout products. You are going to have states of over activation in an estimated time of 20 minutes in a mild way.
  • You can buy beta alanine and combine it with creatine to generate amplified effects on strength, ideal for all types of high intensity efforts.
  • It improves the recovery of muscle fibers after training.
  • Buy beta alanine to improve calcium utilization at the muscular level, it is essential for voluntary and involuntary muscle contraction.
  • It helps performance in strength and endurance sports.
  • It can be taken by elderly people and athletes who follow a vegan diet.

Beta alanine is not an immediate action supplement nor does it have delayed action, this supplement needs to be consumed regularly or reiteratively over a period of time to begin to notice its ergogenic aid action.

how is BETA-ALANINE taken?

This sports supplement is a load supplement, that is to say, it will be necessary to take it daily to obtain its best results, regardless of the time of the day.

It should be noted that you will begin to perceive the most noticeable progress after 20 days consuming it, since it is when the effects of Beta alanine come to light.

The ideal dose to increase performance is 3.5 to 6 g per day, but if you think it is too much, or if it is an effort to digest such an amount, to reduce the appearance of paresthesia (tingling) you can spread the doses consumed during the main meals.

what are the contraindications of beta alanine?

Some people when they start to consume and buy beta alanine will find certain symptoms such as:

  • When taking beta alanine, symptoms of tingling and redness may occur in some parts of the body such as arms, hands and in the face. This symptom is known as paresthesia, but it is a mild contraindication that does not cause any harm to your body, it is only a type of reaction, caused by the activation of calcium receptors in the skin.
  • Hot sensation.

Why buy beta alanine from Santa Madre?

Santa Madre is a sports supplement store that offers functional and quality products, its products are designed with a sustainable vision, seeking the responsible use of natural products and caring for the environment.

Each of Santa Madre's supplements are perfect for improving endurance and performance, also seeks to facilitate recovery after workouts. These supplements help in physical activities such as cycling, triathlon, trail running, running, crossfit and other high performance exercises.

You will find gluten-free and lactose-free products, also with vegan predisposition, the search for mostly natural ingredients, along with the development of products in constant research prioritized to offer items increasingly in great improvements.

If you want to buy beta alanine powder and 100% pure to have it as a supplement in your diet plan and as a support to improve performance in high-intensity sports you practice, do not hesitate to buy beta alanine from Santa Madre.

This is easy to ingest in its powder presentation to take it and carry it everywhere; within its nutritional content you will find that per 100 g its energy value is 0 calories, it also has 0 g of saturated fats and 0 g of carbohydrates such as sugars.

In the same way you are going to buy beta alanine from Santa Madre which has 0 g of protein and salt, along with 0 mg of sodium; therefore, its ingredients in proportion are based on 100% pure beta alanine.

Beta alanine is a nutritional loading supplement that you need to take on a daily basis, with a scientifically recommended dose of 6 grams for sports performance.

what other products can you find in Santa Madre?

If you are sure you are going to buy beta alanine, but you want to complement your diet with other products that will help your sports supplementation, in Santa Madre you will find products such as:

  • Energy Gel. You can buy energy gels that come with and without caffeine, so you can enjoy its benefits and different flavors such as lemon, orange, strawberry or neutral flavors. This gel is free of stimulants to take during physical work.
  • Some gels provide carbohydrates and guarantee an energy intake of about 80 minutes. Other gels will help you to achieve a sequential absorption and thus avoid the risk of transporter saturation.
  • You will also find gels that help the body in its thermoregulation and leave a refreshing sensation.
  • Energy gummies. You will be able to choose from a variety of presentations such as energy gummies in bags or bars with caffeine-free ingredients or also with caffeine.
  • Santa Madre has Sport Gummys 1 which are special to take before workouts, Sport Gummys 2 are consumed while you are exercising and Sport Gummy 3 are for when you have finished your physical training.
  • These gummies will help you to boost your physical workout intensity in the stages before, during and after the activity. Their ingredients contain no gluten, lactose or palm oil and are completely vegan.
  • Sports drinks. Buy in Santa Madre sports drinks with different options depending on the needs you have.
  • You can find the ''isotonicelectrolyte drink'', so you can stay hydrated throughout your workout, also at the end of your workout and of course as a preparation before starting your routine.
  • Meet the Carbofuel drink that has carbohydrates and many mineral salts, you can find it in flavors like lemon and orange.
  • Don't miss their unique Unusual Fuel 100CHO drink, this drink has high carbohydrate loads to consume during sports practice in efforts of more than three hours, which has a composition that offers athletes absorption efficiency.
  • You can also purchase the Santa Madre Pure Amylopectin drink, which is an excellent source of easily digestible carbohydrates, has no caffeine, gluten, lactose, palm oil and is 100% vegan. You can find it in berry or neutral flavors.
  • Performance Supplements: Here you will buy 100% pure beta alanine powder for high intensity activities and helps the effectiveness of medium duration exercises. It is a sports performance enhancement product.
  • Find creatine monohydrate powder, which is an ideal supplement for increasing strength and muscle mass. You can also purchase Nitrate supplement, or Unusual Nitrous, which helps increase blood flow through vasodilation.
  • Recovery products: If you need protein to repair and maintain muscle tissue, protein is a basic component that will help in the formation of muscles and also contribute to the repair and maintenance of muscle tissue.
  • In Santa Madre you can find references such as Pure Protein, with protein extracted from the prestigious Pronativ 95, you can enjoy its natural flavor, and also chocolate and strawberry. You can also purchase Recovery Drink Native Protein, a recovery drink with no added amino acids, no dyes and a perfect ratio of carbohydrate and protein. It is gluten-free and vegan.

In short, sports supplements are not only for the use of professional and elite athletes, they are products that are available to people of all ages and fitness levels, for those seeking to improve their performance and health.

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